Gaba Oolong Tea- The superhero tea!

Gaba Oolong Tea- The superhero tea!

GABA stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. It’s a neurotransmitter in the brain that calms and relaxes the nervous system. Researchers suspect that GABA may boost mood or have a calming, relaxing effect on the nervous system. It also helps you keep a clear focus of mind which helps you through the day. Some find it very helpful to drink before or during times of meditation and contemplation, or anytime you want to just wind down and relax. Have this tea hot or cold, it tastes great either way. 

Wondering how it tastes? It’s fruity, tangy and refreshing with a rich flavor and honey aroma. It’s a great alternative to coffee because it gives you alertness without the jitters and definitely promotes happiness!

Our story 

The Zi Chun Tea company started in 2010 with GABA Oolong tea as the first tea offered. GABA tea was quite unknown at the time in western countries – it was mainly being consumed by the Japanese.  In collaboration with a specialized tea-making family in central Taiwan, we launched and promoted GABA Oolong tea as our main signature tea product and began selling it wholesale to our new customers in US, Canada, Australia and Europe. As a result, it has increased more and more in demand and for the past 5 years has been our top selling wholesale tea.

4th Generation tea-maker:

Our GABA Gold Oolong tea is grown and made in a small organic tea garden in Central Taiwan by a very skilled tea artisan. She was taught the craft by her father for many years and she now has the expertise and experience to become the 4th generation of specialized tea connoisseurs in the family owned tea business. It is a pleasure to work closely with such a dedicated and highly skilled person. ZI Chun Tea started selling GABA Oolong tea on Amazon in 2016. As people become more and more aware of this unique tea, sales have steadily grown, and it is now our consistently top selling tea product on Amazon. Other tea companies, both on Amazon and via their own online and physical stores have also started to discover that GABA Oolong tea is indeed a very special tea and the demand is continuing to grow!

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