GABA Gold – Oolong Super Tea - What’s all this hype about GABA tea anyway?  Is it really a Super Tea?

GABA Gold – Oolong Super Tea - What’s all this hype about GABA tea anyway? Is it really a Super Tea?

Why should I start drinking GABA Gold Tea?

Here’s 13 good reasons:savoring gaba gold super oolong tea

  • It tastes good – pleasant, refreshing, plenty of flavor

  • It feels good – who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of tea

  • It’s the real deal – authentically satisfying, comforting, enjoyable

  • It’s healthy – very healthy!

  • Anxious, stressed, moody, need a pick me up?

  • Need to chill, wind down, relax?

  • GABA tea is plant based, natural, organic, non-GMO, eco-friendly

  • From a 4th generation family owned tea garden and business run primarily by women

  • No calories or side effects – drink as much as you want

  • A cool beverage to enjoy with a friends(s) and socialize

  • A good contemplation, meditation, yoga companion

  • A good alternative to coffee and/or some other beverages – alertness without jitters

  • Drink it iced for a great thirst quencher

    As you can see from the list of reasons above, it is not necessarily all about health claims as to why a particular tea or beverage is chosen. When it comes to tea, it is often more about whether you lrelaxing-with-gaba-teaike the tea or not – the taste, the color, the feel, the vibe, the comfort, the story, the origins, the brand. Of course, the health and wellness factor is important as well, and our GABA Gold tea certainly ticks the health and wellness boxes, but we don’t believe a tea like this should be consumed solely for its medicinal properties.People all over the world love drinking tea. It’s more than just a healthy beverage. Simply taking time to enjoy a cup of tea can create a wonderful space in your life, a moment step back and relax, to get a gentle uplift and to feel good about yourself - as you sip and contemplate alone, or socialize and enjoy some tea with a friend.

    The health benefits of tea work so well because simply taking time out have a cup of tea can in itself be a “pick me up” and a catalyst to naturally relax and release tension and moodiness, and get that feeling of “well-being” and back in control again. And this is where the magic of GABA really shines. It’s like a “comfort drink” and can make a noticeable difference in your day!

    Here are some excerpts taken from GABA Gold tea customer reviews and comments

    What does it taste like?

    • A very pleasant tea, great flavor, absolutely delicious.
    • A delightful tea, slightly sweet. a smooth and satisfying cup of tea;
    • Smooth-texture, soft taste; an excellent, fine-tasting, fresh tea
    • A natural sweetness, no caffeine jitters
    • Tasty, smooth and naturally great flavor
    • Honey color and flavor without being sweet
    • Easy drinking, mild flavor, great taste, delicious with or without honey
    • An excellent roasted oolong, great in the afternoon
    • Delicious complex flavor like honey, caramel with light tannic notes.
    • Pairs especially well with raw honey
    • Obsessed with drinking this tea every morning at work. It is so delicious and refreshing
    • I enjoy the soft sweet taste, I love it as iced tea

    How does it make you feel?

    • Keeps me alert and yet calm and un-agitated
    • Invigorating, no caffeine jitters, feel more focused
    • It has a calming effect on my moodiness
    • Relaxing and helps calm my nerves
    • You can feel a sense of calmness when drinking it
    • Nice calming end to a stressful day
    • Felt less tense and anxious after drinking this GABA tea
    • Helps me keep my sugar on good levels
    • Very satisfying cup of tea, great in the afternoon
    • Love the effects, wonderful relaxing tea
    • Helps me to relax and chill
    • With such a hectic lifestyle and very little down time, I really like the idea of this tea being a natural source of GABA
    • Tastes good and it seems to help me unwind
    • Relaxes me and helps keep me sleep
    • I’m not a caffeine person, but this is perfect - great taste and not agitating, it really does feel extra calming!
    • This lovely GABA tea is my go-to for midday at work for both a pick me up and to warm me up in my frigid office
    • Relaxing, great for sleep, I sleep and feel better when I drink this in the evening
    • I can drink this right before bedtime and sleep just fine

    (comments regarding sleep may not apply to everyone as it does has a little caffeine)

    How it started

    The Zi Chun Tea company started in 2010 with GABA Oolong tea as the first tea offered. GABA tea was quite unknown at the time in western countries – it was mainly being consumed by the Japanese.  In collaboration with a specialized tea-making family in central Taiwan, we launched and promoted GABA Oolong tea as our main signature tea product and began selling it wholesale to our new customers in US, Canada, Australia and Europe. As a result, it has increased more and more in demand and for the past 5 years has been our top selling wholesale tea.

    4th Generation tea-maker:

    gaba-tea-garden- Central-TaiwanOur GABA Gold Oolong tea is grown and made on a small organic tea garden in Central Taiwan by a very skilled tea artisan. She was taught the craft by her father for many years and she now has the expertise and experience to become the 4th generation of specialized tea connoisseurs in the family owned tea business. It is a pleasure to work closely with such a dedicated and highly skilled person. ZI Chun Tea started selling GABA Oolong tea on Amazon in 2016. As people become more and more aware of this unique tea, sales have steadily grown, and it is now our consistently top selling tea product on Amazon. Other tea companies, both on Amazon and via their own online and physical stores have also started to discover that GABA Oolong tea is indeed a very special tea and the demand is continuing to grow

    Enter GABA Gold Tea!

    According to a social media survey done by one of our influencer friends late last year, 84% of more than 250 respondents are drinking some kind of tea at least once a week. Yet only 8% have ever heard of GABA Oolong! So the challenge was how to make GABA tea known and enjoyed by the other 92%! We love this product ourselves and drink it daily, and by the reviews and responses we have been receiving, most people who try it, do enjoy it and end up buying more. It really is a unique and special super tea.

    Here are some more reasons for choosing GABA Gold Super Tea

    • It’s a natural lifestyle beverage and experience – not a medicine or treatment
    • GABA Gold carries a unique energy of its own – not a red bull type energy, but savoring a cup of GABA Gold tea does give off a subtle “life is good” vibe – wellness energy!
    • A Functional Health and Wellness tea (Health and Wellness Beverages account for more than 50% of the non-alcoholic beverage market in the US)
    • An eco-friendly and sustainable specialty tea
    • Transparent and ethically sourced authentic
    • Organically grown
    • Non-GMO, non-sweetened, plant-based beverage
    • Family owned and operated business
    • Expert woman tea maker and CEO and 80% of the business is operated by women
    • Zi Chun is a reputable tea brand aligned with premium, high end specialty teas
    • GABA Gold contains the many health properties of regular Oolong tea including antioxidants EGCg and L-theanine. There are many purported health benefits of camellia sinensis tea – many of which are probably true, and scientists just need more time to study them. Here are some proven health benefits of GABA supplements and GABA tea that have been verified in recent studies
      • Stress reduction. One recent study, which looked at how fortified GABA oolong tea affected student stress levels, concluded that “even a very small amount of GABA-fortified oolong tea leads to a significant effect on acute stress levels.”
      • Lowered blood pressure. One study of 59 patients with hypertension focused on fermented milk with GABA. For participants who drank it for 14 weeks, “significant reductions in blood pressures were recorded.” While this study did not involve tea specifically, it does demonstrate the potential power of the GABA found in GABA oolong.
      • Improved sleep: Improves quality of sleep
      • Benefits for autism. According to one small, double-blind, placebo-controlled study from earlier this year, GABA oolong tea may improve sensorimotor abilities and anxiety levels for people with autism.

    Who drinks GABA Oolong tea

    GABA Gold is an easy drinking, pleasant tasting tea without the strong tannin or astringent taste often associated with some black teas and so can be enjoyed by a wide range of consumers. But here are the main people segments currently buying our GABA Gold Oolong tea

    • Tea Lovers
    • Natural and wholesome lifestylers
    • Health and Wellness advocates
    • People interested in Alternative and Natural Healing, Functional Medicines
    • Meditation and Yoga practitioners
    • People interested in Eco friendly, Sustainable, Traceability, Natural and Organic products
    • People who support small family owned farms and business
    • People who support women owned businesses
    • Self-care seekers

    Why and when to drink GABA Gold

    • Simply drink it to enjoy and appreciate good tea
    • Need to relax and wind down with a good cup of tea
    • Looking for a decent hot beverage alternative to coffee or standard black tea
    • Need to brew up a nice drink to share with a friend or companion or unexpected visitor
    • Something to calm the nerves and release tension and anxiety
    • Feeling a bit moody and out of sorts
    • Looking for a bit of a perk up and an energy refresher
    • A perfect addition to a meditation time or contemplation moment
    • In need of a thirst quenching and refreshing cold drink
    • A bit hungover after a big night out
    • The perfect beverage to chill with after work or during a break
    • Just feel like a wholesome natural health drink
    • On a health and wellness lifestyle trajectory
    Buy GABA Gold Super Tea here
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