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Milk Oolong Tea - a delightful tea experience!

Milk Oolong Tea - a delightful tea experience!

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  • ☕ VERY PLEASANT TASTE AND FLAVOR PROFILE A premium anti-oxidant specialty tea with a classic smooth, creamy and nutty taste profile. A very unique and amazing tea! - our top selling Oolong (Wulong) tea!
  • ☕ AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS AND PLENTY OF OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS including increasing mental alertness; Aiding in digestion; A powerful antioxidant and natural detox tea . 
  • ☕ MULTIPLE STEEPINGS : This premium grade loose leaf Oolong Milk tea can be re-steeped several times and still have plenty of flavor. A pleasant tasting, easy drinking full leaf tea. A popular tea of choice for first time Oolong tea drinkers and perfect to enjoy after meals and anytime during the day.
  • ☕ ENJOY ON ITS OWN OR WITH YOUR PRESENT WEIGHT LOSS OR DETOX PROGRAM. Can be used in conjunction with a Weight Loss or Detox Program - or on it's own as a healthy, refreshing and pleasant tasting everyday beverage.

“… fragrant and subtle.“ “…tea is smooth and creamy. The taste is balanced and delicate. Holds its flavor well.” “… nice big flavor, creamy, buttery, smooth, thick and luscious mouth feel

This handpicked Milk Oolong tea is a smooth, easy drinking specialty tea that can be re-steeped several times. The fragrant taste is similar to a fresh Oolong tea with some added creamy, nutty notes and a noticeable milky aroma.

Health benefits attributed to Milk Oolong tea include contributing towards weight loss, mental alertness, good bone structure and dental health, aids in digestion.

The tea garden that we supply this tea from Nantou County, Central Taiwan. The handpicked leaves undergo the regular Oolong ball rolled tea processing techniques. A light touch of natural flavoring is blended in during the process to further enhance the milk flavor and aroma found naturally in this tea. The tea plant varietal is Jinxuan (Golden Lily), which in its natural from has a subtle milk aroma and taste. This batch is from the latest Spring Harvest.

Flavor profile A classic smooth, creamy, and nutty taste profile. Balanced, delicate and fragrant.
Caffeine Level Medium
Brewing guidelines Amount of tea/cup: 1 tsp/50g
Water temperature: 200 - 212 °F
Steeping time: Approx. 3 minutes
# of Infusions:  2 - 3
Ingredients 99.9% Jin Xuan tea leaf (Camellia sinensis)
.01% Natural milk flavoring
Packet sizes and brews per packet 100g/3.5oz = 40+ cups
250g/8.2oz = 100+ cups
Multiple infusions 

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