Organic Citrus Bergamot Earl Grey Tea

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☕ High CITRUS BERGAMOT content ensures maximum AUTOPHAGY SUPPORT and help to the Immune System

☕ ROBUST EARL GREY that can be enjoyed on its own or with added milk or sweetener. Enjoy hot or iced

☕ The REFRESHING AROMA of Citrus Bergamot generates pleasant feelings and emotions and good mood vibes

☕ MODERATE CAFFEINE content ensures enough alertness and awakeness to thrive without coffee jitters

☕ NO ADDITIVES; NON GMO; CERTIFIED ORGANIC; No Preservatives; Zero Sugar Vegan Friendly No Gluten

 "…. absolutely one of the best earl grey teas I've ever had - so fresh and full of flavor"

"…. the aroma of the unbrewed tea is beautiful bergamot and it brews up with much brighter citrus notes than most EG teas"

Drinking Citrus Bergamot Tea is one of nature’s way for our body to ACTIVATE AUTOPHAGY. Our tea has been specifically blended for this purpose. A full 30% of the blend is whole Citrus Bergamot. To get the full benefit of this tea for activating your body’s autophagy consider drinking 2 – 3 times daily and adding a spoonful of coconut oil and make your own “Autophatea”. And of course, follow Naomi Whittel’s advice in her book Glow 15 for a full understanding of this process.

Our Citrus Bergamot Earl Grey uses WHOLE CITRUS BERGAMOT, rather than flavouring which has a more noticeable positive effect on one’s mood and wellbeing, due to the CALMING AND SOOTHING effect of the citrus bergamot. The aroma and flavor is also more pronounced and refreshing in real Bergamot pieces.

Our TIPPY ASSAM ORTHODOX LEAF used in this blend is from the CERTIFIED ORGANIC Hathikhuli Tea Estate in Assam, Northern India.

What is Autophagy (aw-TOFF-uh-gee)? As Naomi Whittle says “it is the housekeeping process the body” It is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells Autophagy is being hailed as the new way to lose weight, look younger and extend your life.

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Colleen H.
United States United States

Organic Citrus Bergamot Earl Grey

This is the most delicious earl grey tea I’ve ever had!


Zi Chun Teas

Thank you, Colleen. Glad to hear you enjoy our Bergamot Earl Grey!

Badeha H.
United States United States

Delicous healthy tea and excellent customer service

I looked for weeks for a tea made with citrus bergamot, and sure did luck out! Zi Chun Teas did not disappoint. Their customer services is wonderful and the tea is absolutely delicious. I will reorder for sure :)


Zi Chun Teas

Thank you Badeha for your kind words. Glad to hear that you are enjoying our Citrus Bergamot Earl Grey

Idaho s.

Has real begamot but little flavor

this probably does what it says, it does have real pieces of fruit in it but the flavor of the tea itself is nothing to be impressed with and isn't very strong. You need about a tablespoon of tea per large cup

Jamie H.

The best Earl Grey Bergamont tea you will ever enjoy.

I love Earl Grey tea and try many varieties from all over, and this is by far the best I've ever tried. The detox effect is a bonus for me because I have celiac and crohns, it's helped regulate my body in a way I did not expect. The flavor is beyond my expectations, the citrus is so sharp you can smell it. I've found my perfect brew time of 3 mins and for the first time in years since giving up coffee I look forward to my cup of tea with raw honey in the morning. I decided to buy 2 more bags just in case it becomes unavailable. If you love Earl Grey and crave double bergamot, this is your tea.

Zi Chun Teas

Thank you Jamie for taking the time to write your review. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the tea and that is it assisting with regulating your body.


strong taste, but keeps me going in the morning

have to get used to the strong taste, but it makes me feel rejuvenated in the mornings when I need it most.

Zi Chun Teas

Tx for the comment Patricia. Try using a little less tea, or a little shorter steeping time for a less stronger brew