GABA Gold - GABA Oolong Super Tea
GABA Gold - GABA Oolong Super Tea
GABA Gold - GABA Oolong Super Tea
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GABA Gold - GABA Oolong Super Tea
zi-chun-gaba-tea-oolong-super-tea - 100g packs

GABA Gold - GABA Oolong Super Tea

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Our GABA tea is the ideal anxiety and stress management tea.

  • ☕ Relax and enjoy sipping a refreshing, soothing and pleasant tasting cup of GABA Oolong tea and feel that uneasiness and moodiness dissolve away

  • ☕ GABA Gold naturally clams and relaxes without the drowsiness and side effects of unnatural pills and some supplements

  • ☕ GABA Gold tea is not a medicine or treatment. It’s more like a natural lifestyle beverage and experience to enjoy and enhance your well-being and self-care

  • ☕ GABA Gold carries a unique energy of its own – not a "red bull" type energy, but savoring a cup of GABA oolong tea does give off a subtle “life is good” vibe and wellness energy!

  • ☕ Get that magic touch of GABA to soothe and relax and get that feeling of well-being and safely back in control - you deserve it!

     GABA tea is a NATURAL HEALTH and WELLNESS beverage

    • ☕ A healthy and invigorating "pick me up and mental focus tea that enhances cognitive clarity and gets you feeling back in control where you belong

    • ☕ GABA tea is sought after and used by many Holistic and Wellness Practitioners. It has the highest GABA content found in any natural plants or foods - over 200mg per 100g; Organic and zero pesticides

    • ☕ Our ORGANIC GABA TEA contains the many health benefits and antioxidants associated with regular high-grade teas, as well as the unique GABA content. Some of the recognized benefits of GABA include increased mental alertness, a general calming and relief of stress and anxiety, fewer mood swings, less tendencies towards depression, regular sleep patterns, contributing towards improving some skin conditions, contributing towards weight loss, contributing towards lean muscle mass.

    “…delicious and relaxing and helps calm nerves. “… I sleep and feel better when I drink GABA tea”

    “… keeps me alert and yet calm and un-agitated”

    “… a wonderfully calming and relaxing tea. It really does give that magic touch"

    GABA tea is our top selling product. It is not only exceptionally healthy, but is also a refreshing, enjoyable and pleasant tasting specialty tea that can be enjoyed many times over throughout the day. Can be served hot or as an iced tea. Each brew can be re-steeped several times

    Why and when to drink GABA Gold Oolong tea

    • Simply drink it to enjoy and appreciate good tea
    • Need to relax and wind down with a good cup of tea
    • Looking for a decent hot beverage alternative to coffee or standard black tea
    • Need to brew up a nice drink to share with a friend or companion or unexpected visitor
    • Something to calm the nerves and release tension and anxiety
    • Feeling a bit moody and out of sorts
    • Looking for a bit of a perk up and an energy refresher
    • A perfect addition to a meditation time or contemplation moment
    • In need of a thirst quenching and refreshing cold drink
    • A bit hungover after a big night out
    • The perfect beverage to chill with after work or during a break
    • Just feel like a wholesome natural health drink
    • On a health and wellness lifestyle trajectory

    GABA Tea is even helpful as a Hangover tea

    If you find yourself with the occasional hangover, get yourself a pack of GABA Tea to always have on hand. Pull it out and brew up a cuppa after a big night out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It really does get the mood back on track and provide that magic touch of GABA calm to soothe and relax and get that feeling of well-being and safely back in control

    Flavor profile A refreshingly smooth, pleasant, easy drinking and unpretentious tea. A subtle sweet and sour, slightly toasty taste with notes of cinnamon, honey, plum and spices.
    Caffeine level Medium
    Brewing guidelines Amount of tea/cup: 1 tsp.
    Water Temperature: 200 - 212 °F
    Steeping time: Approx. 3 minutes
    # of Infusions:  2 - 3
    Ingredients 100% Organic Tea Leaf (Camellia Sinensis)
    Pack sizes 3.5 ozs (100g) / 8.8oz (250g)/25 tea bags
    Brews per pack 40 - 50 cups/ 120 -130 cups. Multiple infusions.

    The GABA content of our GABA Oolong tea is consistently over 200mg/100g (Japanese standard minimum is 150mg/100g).

    Learn more about GABA Gold Super Tea here

    Treat yourself to a little extra boost of love and self-care. Buy a supply of GABA Oolong tea now. You deserve it!

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    EMMA S.
    The best!

    Es el mejor, me apoya para descansar, estar relajada y enfocada

    Zi Chun Teas

    Thank you Emma

    Mild flavor but good taste

    It's hard to get quality tasting tea where I live so this is a bullet proof oolong but has a super mild flavor from most of the gaba I have drank. I may buy it again if I can't find anything. Meh

    Zi Chun Teas

    Thank you Brendan for taking the time to post a review. Have you tried giving it a bit longer steep, or increasing the amount of tea? Either of these should give you a stronger cup. We do have a heavy roasted GABA which we will be making available early in the new year which may be more suited to your palate.

    Great Product!

    Fantastic tea!

    Zi Chun Teas

    Thanks for your comment Ricky. Enjoy!

    Rita P.
    US US
    Delicious tea

    I really like this tea. It is very different in flavor to the Gaba tea at Tea Gallerie that I also like, but I like it equally. It has an honey color and flavor without being sweet. I will buy it again for sure.

    Zi Chun Teas

    Thank you Rita.

    US US
    Nice tea!

    Nice tea!

    Zi Chun Teas

    Tx for your comment DMC. Glad to hear you like our Organic GABA